Conference Room with acoustical treatment in San Diego

Acoustical Treatment for Conference Room, San Diego

Acoustical Treatment for Conference Room, San Diego

Conference rooms have become a necessity in the corporate world and with the rise of video conferencing; acoustical treatment has become a necessity.  Add to this problem, large areas of glass and other hard surfaces, intelligibility can become tedious, distracting from the business at hand.  To increase intelligibility, it is necessary to reduce echo in your conference room.  We have implemented different acoustical solutions to improve these types of spaces in San Diego, La Jolla and Carlsbad. We have different solutions available, including room acoustical panels; clouds and diffusors.  These all can help eliminate sound clarity issues in your conference room acoustics. Acoustical panels are made out of different materials and are not same, each has its proper place in a project and the proper choice of materials is important.  This is where expertise and years of experience are required in soundproofing conference rooms.

Fabrimate Wall Finishing Solutions

If you are looking for a discreet design we offer the Fabrimate Wall Finishing Solutions system, this allows us to install acoustical panels that are integrated into the room design while keeping the primary goal in mind of how to improve acoustics while noise cancelling issues in your conference room.

Virtual Graphics Design

We can also help you see what your room will look like before you move ahead with your project.  Though virtual graphics we can create a good representation of what a design will look like before moving ahead. Below are some examples.

Acoustical Treatment Concept Acoustical Treatment Concept for Conference Room Virtual Concept for Acoustical Treament

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