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David Carney

David Carney
David Carney

David began designing sound system for local churches back in the late 1980’s. He was a partner in a local sound company called Music Instrument Service.  Soon after, he began to design acoustical treatments for recording studios and rehearsal spaces.

Over the past 20 years he has been designing acoustical treatments and sound reinforcement systems for performing arts spaces, smart classrooms, rehearsal spaces, recording studios and even an art gallery.

These experiences has taught how to blend the technical with the aesthetic to create great visual room as well as great sounding ones.

In addition David has been the musical director of in some of the largest churches in the San Diego area.  He is proficient on electric and acoustic guitar. He plays bass and is a vocalist.

He has played in numerous bands in all of these positions.  This experience has given him an in depth look into the mechanics of all these positions and how to get a great sound by helping other performers improve by choosing the right equipment, improvement in performance techniques and making sure there is proper integration from their equipment to the main PA system.

David was also a partner in a local recording studio call Studio 7 were he was active in sound engineering and studio production.

Having such a rich and varied background helps in correcting all types of performance issues that can degrade the performance experience.

Over the years  we have learned how to  blend acoustical panels into the interior design of a room so that the panels appear to be part of the aesthetic design of the room while still being effective in correcting the acoustical anomalies of the room. Not all rooms require this level of detail but we can do this if the quality of the room requires it.

Acoustical Treatment and Sound System Consultants